New Shirt Sponsor for Blyth Spartans U10’s

6th August 2010

Blyth Spartans Under 10’s are pleased to announce a new sponsor in Whitehead and Low Solicitors, whose logo will be proudly displayed on the team’s shirts Above: Ben Healey of Whitehead and Low Solictitors hands over the new kit to Blyth Spartans Under 10 manager Scott Dunn.


Spartans u10s 1 Cramlington Juniors Blues 1

Rememebering the last time we met and some of the silly goals we had given away since Christmas, we sat down and looked at how we could re-organise to go into this game.  Playing a slightly different formation which should be better defensively worked.  Spartans took the lead in the 2nd quarter through Besty who kept troubling the Cramlington defence.  Things were looking good as the game progressed and good…

16th March 2010

Cramlington Town 2 Spartans U10s 1

After a couple of weeks off (again) with the weather, we went up to Cramlington on a nice sunny morning.  Arriving their we found the pitch was right next to the main east coast railway line – any closer and we could have hitched a ride to London!  After taking cover when the first few trains passed close by we got used to the noise and got on with playing…

10th March 2010

Spartans U10s 2 Walker Central Whites 7

After last week’s fighting performance full of effort and commitment, I sat down after this game trying to work out how we hadn’t performed. After long and hard contemplation, I have now decided that I believe in the existence of extra-terrestial life.  Not just any ETs though, but shape shifting ETs.  What has this got to do with football I hear you ask, but I think the aliens read my…

21st February 2010

Ashington AFC 4 Spartans U10s 5

For the second match in a row, the U10s were still asleep at kick off, despite it being 11:30.  Yet again we were a goal down within the minutes as Ashington ran through the defence and scored.  To make matters worse, by the end of the quarter they had scored another two!! Two substitutions and some re-organisation was made to try and stop the flow of goals, but when Ashington scored…

11th February 2010

Seaton Delaval Tiblisi 3 Spartans U10s 1

After six weeks without a game due to the weather, this may have come down to which team had remembered the most about how to play football. After ten seconds, we were picking the ball out of the back of the net after we gave the ball away at kick off and our defence didn’t react in time to the Delaval attack.  Spartans soon reorganised themselves, but another defensive error that…

25th January 2010

Spartans U10s 6 Tynemouth United Blues 2

Two catch up matches in two days, we were certainly taking advantage of “better” weather – at least it wasn’t raining. Tynemouth played a very defensive formation having all their players in their own half whenever we had the ball.  This gave Lewis P freedom to roam in the first quarter as an extra midfielder, which caused them problems as he took advantage of the space and crossed in long balls…

15th December 2009

North Shields Cougars 1 Spartans U10s 2

This was one of our catch up games and due to pitch availability at both North Shields and Blyth we both agreed to play this game on an artificial pitch at Complete Football. What an eye opener this was for the team.  A small pitch, which was probably as long as our normal pitch is wide, and the team’s first time on astroturf led to an interesting game. Instructions to shoot at goal…

14th December 2009

Spartans U10s 11 Whitley Bay FC Ajax 2

The U10s went into this game quite confident against a team who hadn’t won a game all season.  However, I’m not sure if this confidence translated into nerves during the first quarter as this was fairly even until Besty got a goal near the end. However, the second quarter saw us take charge as Besty got another with Lewis P also getting one.  At the restart from this goal, our…

23rd November 2009

Ponteland Madrid 5 Spartans U10s 3

After two weeks without a game due to the weather, we faced Ponteland away in the League Cup.  We had previously met in the league and there had been nothing to seperate the two teams in a 0-0 draw.  Today it would be extra time and penalties if it was undecided after normal time.  Spartans were first to concede a goal in the first quarter, but Brooklyn pulled the scores level…

16th November 2009