Port of Blyth Stand | Admission Tickets Policy

Moving forward, Blyth Spartans AFC wishes to see all admission tickets paid for electronically online but recognises that some supporters do not have the capability to do this.

Stage one will be to ensure that all spectators in The Port of Blyth Stand have a pre-booked ticket that specifies their allocated seat number selected by the individual/group, this eliminates issues of seat identification caused by cash transfers on the day.

To do this, end notices will be placed at strategic points in the ground and handouts will be issued to spectators stating future club policy at the AFC Telford United game on Saturday, August 28th.   

Key message – spectators without online capability can arrange advance tickets by visiting the office to book tickets physically using cash or credit card or by telephoning the office (01670 352373) and using a credit/ debit card on weekday mornings

For the AFC Telford game only, the electronic ticketing system will be closed at 2pm and a list of unsold seats will be printed. From this data, two blocks of seats will be identified (one upper and one lower) and those seat numbers will be written onto tickets that will be sold for cash on the match day.

For the following game against Brackley Town on Saturday, September 4th, Supporters will NOT be able to pay cash for the £2 transfer fee after admission. This will eliminate seat identity problems and promote the benefits of pre-booking

Posted by BSAFC Admin