News | Safety improvements to Port of Blyth Stand

4th October 2022

Following a small number of incidents accessing and exiting seats in Port of Blyth Stand, The Club has decided to finance the installation of support posts to assist supporters when using the stairs. Although currently not a regulatory requirement, The Club is keen to improve the safety of its supporters. Some other clubs have had versions of these successfully fitted. It is also important that they do not restrict access…


Port of Blyth Stand | Admission Tickets Policy

23rd August 2021

Moving forward, Blyth Spartans AFC wishes to see all admission tickets paid for electronically online but recognises that some supporters do not have the capability to do this. Stage one will be to ensure that all spectators in The Port of Blyth Stand have a pre-booked ticket that specifies their allocated seat number selected by the individual/group, this eliminates issues of seat identification caused by cash transfers on the day….


Announcement | Reserved Seating Available for Port of Blyth Stand

This season, Blyth Spartans supporters will have the opportunity to reserve a seat in the Port of Blyth Stand. After being approached by numerous fans, Spartans have decided to trial reserved seating in the main stand. Season ticket holders will be able – should they wish – to reserve a seat of their choice, which the club will mark up accordingly. Furthermore, non-season ticket holders will also be able to…

27th July 2017