Update | 1899 Club FAQs

Thank you for your response to the relaunch of the 1899 Club, we have added a phenomenal further 68 numbers since the change – please contact scott.gibson@blythspartans.com if you would like to join the 1899 Club.

It is simple to join, email Scott advising him how many numbers you would like, they are £5 each per month, you will then be allocated your numbers and given instructions on how to make the monthly payments.

Every contribution backs the motivation of the 1899 Club in supporting the manager to directly influence the on-field team which is displayed to perform week in and week out for Spartan fans.

There have been some queries regarding the 1899 Club, a more detailed graphic is below to clarify the benefits. 

1899 Club FAQs

  1. When will the draw be made? The draw will be made as soon as possible after the end of the previous month.
  2. Will the draw be made on the pitch? Yes, as long as practical this will continue. If we have a series of away games at the start of the month the draw may not be made on the pitch.
  3. I had a number for the 1899 Club, can I start using it again? Yes but please email scott.gibson@blythspartans.com with your name and number so the records can be updated.
  4. I have numerous numbers spread across my family. Does this mean I can add the total numbers together for the 1899 Club benefits? Yes, as long as we receive one payment for a family. For example, Mr Blogs pays one payment of £30 for six numbers for himself and his children. He would qualify for the benefits of having six numbers.
  5. How do I qualify for the new benefits? Benefits such as the signed match ball and signed shirt can be claimed after six payments have been made.
  6. Can the prizes be exchanged for cash? There is no cash equivalent prize.
  7. How will I know how the 1899 Club money is being spent? We will give the balance of the account and how much has been paid out and for what purpose, on a quarterly basis. We will not give details of who the money was paid to.
  8. How do I qualify for the season ticket draw? You must have paid in six monthly payments or the one-off amount starting from August 2023.
  9. When will the season ticket draw take place? The draw will take place in April 2024.
  10. Can I increase my payments to the 1899 Club? Yes, please email scott.gibson@blythspartans.com and you will be allocated new numbers.
  11. Is the season ticket seated? No, the prize is a standing season ticket, although this can be upgraded to a seat season ticket for an additional fee.
  12. If I am a concession and win the season ticket draw, can the season ticket be allocated to a standard-paying adult? No, the season ticket will be tailored to you.
  13. How will I know if the 1899 Club is a success? We will publish the allocated numbers on a quarterly basis, together with the funds total.
  14. Is the “One In A Thousand” draw like a pub quiz jackpot? Yes, if it is not won an additional £100 gets added to the pot.
  15. When do I get my pin badge? Once you have paid in six monthly payments. For those members who have been members for over six months, we will look to provide the pin badges before the end of 2023.
  16. Are the prizes transferable? Only with the agreement of Blyth Spartans AFC.
  17. How long do I get to claim the benefits? Generally within the season, although this can be extended with the agreement of the Club.
  18. If I pay the one-off payment, do I qualify for the benefits immediately? Yes, some of the benefits, for example, a shirt may need to be ordered. Please be patient as we work through the prizes.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team