Green and whites go greener

The Spartans are introducing an environmentally friendly water recycling scheme at Croft Park. Pumps have been installed at the Fergy Space stand at the ground and will initially allow 2000 litres of rain water to be collected and subsequently used to water the pitch.

If the first phase proves successful the Tynetec and Quantum Elite stands will also be fitted with collection facilities so that by next summer the club should have more than six thousand litres of water available.

Spartans’ Chairman Tony Platten commented: “Through our grounds man Peter Henderson (pictured below) we have taken huge strides in improving the Croft Park surface and this innovative water collection system will further contribute to this.
“This investment has obvious financial implications on reducing our water rates but at times of heavy rain it will also take the strain off the local sewerage system to go some way to preventing potential flash flooding.”

Peter Henderson

Posted by BSAFC Media Team