Tom talks – after the Whitby game

It was a rollercoaster match for the Spartans on Bank Holiday Monday.

Manager Tom Wade reflected: “We weren’t in the game for the first 25 minutes then we went on to create a few chances but after the break we lost our way again before, once more, having a period where we created opportunities, then we died a bit at the end.

“Whitby started much better than us. They were more physical and we were guilty of losing the ball too often. To be honest we looked tired.

“I thought we should have had a penalty just as we were getting a grip on the game when Jarrett Rivers was brought down. I think it was a more blatant pen than the one that was later given, and Robbie [Dale] scored from!

“After half time Whitby stepped it up again and we struggled to get the ball but we rolled our sleeves up and had some fantastic chances to score but we were guilty of not pulling the trigger at the right moment or delaying a critical pass. But that will come as confidence grows.”

Despite going 2-1 one Blyth clawed their way back to achieve a draw when Dale scored with a sublime curling effort.

“We are having to rely on the same people to spark us off,” said Wade. “We died a little at the end but it’s still early on in the season and we are not far away and we will get better.”

Posted by BSAFC Media Team