Tom talks – after the Stamford game

“We’ve got to stop giving away stupid goals,” said Blyth boss Tom Wade after his side’s 4-3 victory over Stamford on Saturday.

“Their goals were down to three bits of unbelievably bad defending,” he said.”We have to stop allowing the opposition to get such stupid goals. Against really good sides we will struggle unless we put this right. It’s a mental thing and something we have to get out of our system.

“I thought Stamford were a forceful team and we scored four sensational goals but we shouldn’t have to rely on spectacular efforts. We missed tap ins and more loads of straightforward chances and should have won the game comfortably. No doubt it was a really exciting game for the crowd to watch but for us on the management side it was pretty poor. However we’ll work on our game and we’ll get better.”

Posted by BSAFC Media Team