Tom talks – after the Halesowen Trophy game

Spartans manager Tom Wade thought Saturday’s 1- draw with Halesowen in the FA Trophy was a fair result.

“Yes, a draw was the right outcome, “he said. “Halesowen came for exactly that. We should have seen it out mind, to be honest. In the cold light of day perhaps we shouldn’t have made the substitutions that we did and left it as it was. Sometimes it’s hard for the lads with the fresh legs to get in to the game quickly enough.

“They didn’t cause us too many problems but, having said that, some of our key, flair players didn’t put it in. But, you know, having raised the bar so high in the game with Altrincham we’re bound to have few hiccups.

“We are going to be up against it for the replay on Tuesday with several players struggling to get there although Jarrett Rivers may return from injury.”

Posted by BSAFC Media Team