Supporters Club Travel Rules

Due to new people travelling on the buses we have decided to re-issue the rules for travelling on the Supporters’ Club coaches, these are as follows:-

a). The bus will leave from Bishopton Street (in front of the Spartans Centre) unless informed otherwise.

b). Pick ups and drop offs will be confirmed prior to the departure of the bus, no pick ups will be made in Blyth other than at Croft Park and no ‘ad hoc’ drop offs will be made on the way back unless prior arrangement is made.

c). The bus will leave on time, should anyone turn up after this time and the bus has left … well you’ve missed it!

d). The bus will leave the ground circa 45 minutes after the full time whistle, again if you are not on the bus or nobody knows where you are, it could be a long walk home.

e). Whilst we are happy to allow people to bring their own food and soft drinks (see later) on the bus, the packaging, etc must be disposed of sensibly.


g). Attention must be made to the fact that kids travel on the bus and we would hope people would exercise restraint (in terms of bad language) so as not to offend them or anyone else for that matter.

h). As some people wish to just travel to the matches in comfort we would be grateful if those people who bring children can ensure that their kids are under their control and that they are seated at all times (small plastic trumpets are also banned!).

i). As we have to pay for the bus in advance we would be grateful if people intending to travel paid for their seat in advance (or at least left a deposit). This is to counter-act the number of no-shows.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team