Supporters Club Special Meeting

Attendees: Bob Bell, Dave Wall, Anthony Seghini, Gillian Wall, Brian Bell, Deborah Wall, Adam Sancaster, Steve Topham.
Appologies: Chris Doyle
Resignations: We have received four resignations from former committee members Dave Charlton, Brian Davison, Neil Walsh & Andrew Westgarth. All have been thanked for their services.
Programme: New editor Adam Sancaster is continuing to get the handover from Glen Maxwell.
All advertisers have been thanked for last season and asked about continuing in 2013/14. We already have 3 renewals & 1 possible loss for next season. We are still looking for more advertisers.
Possibility of programme sponsors for the new season but still awaiting a meeting date with the Executive Board. Hopefully sponsors will be from bars & restaurants. This is being looked into by Adam with support from the committee.
Current adverts are being followed up by Deborah.
We are looking into the possibility of additional articles, we may see Graham Usher & Ken Sproat re historical articles. Ask if Malcolm Stephenson wishes to continue his article.
Shop: Neither the Club Shop or the On Line Shop are doing very well at the moment. We are reasonably well stocked but may need to look into some items during the season.
We are always looking for possible new items. Dave received an e mail regarding sticker books but this proved to be inappropriate at this time.
A new stock of 60 shirts, are on order for the shop and due for delivery in July.
Dave will speak to Michael Wilson of SO8 Sportswear who supply the kit to look into t shirt designs & supply.
We will look into the possible design of a computer screen saver. This could be put on sale.
We are still looking for someone to come on board and update the On Line Shop.
Sponsorships: It has been proposed to keep the current sponsor packages but with some modifications. Steve had proposed where possible to give some tangible reward for sponsoring and this will be taken forward with the player sponsorships. The kit sponsorship will remain although the cost may be adjusted but only home kit will be available. Player sponsorship will rise in cost from £20 to £25 but a photo of the sponsor with his chosen player will be given. Once a sponsor has chosen a player the cost will not re refundable or transferable if the player leaves. The squares for pitch sponsorship will be made larger but remain at £5 each.
Roles: These are to be confirmed at the AGM to be held at a date to be arranged in July but Bob has confirmed that he will stand again as chairman and Dave as vice chairman. Anthony will remain as treasurer with Chris taking over from Andy as secretary with support. A new role has been created with the approval of the Executive Board for a Supporters Club Communications Officer with Steve being proposed for the role.
AOB: None.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team