Supporters Club Meeting Minutes (Mar 2010)


Bobby Bell, Martin Hunter, David Wall, Anthony Seghini, Brian Davison, Andrew Wetsgarth, Deborah Wall, Brian Bell, Scott Dewhurst and Jeff Young


Derek Birdsey, David Charlton and Gillian Wall

Matters Arising:

MH spoke to Phil Castiaux who would investigate whether any “2 Wins” books were left


Usual array bills and requests


Continues to prove a success

Shirt prices to be reduced

– Adult shirts (£22)
– Kids shirts (£17)

MH to get PA announcement and reduce shirts on online shop

New car stickers to be added to online shop (MH)


DW to re-confirm delivery address

Programme continues to do well


Reasonable ammount, after all bills have been paid


A ‘night at the dogs’ to be arranged (DC/AW/BD)

Reminder that committee is a working one (All)

Date of Next Meeting:

Saturday 3 April 2010 @ 12.30 (prior to the Hyde United match)

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