Supporters Club Committee Meeting (23rd October 2010) – Minutes

Minutes of the Blyth Spartans Supporters Club Committee meeting held on 18/09/10

Present: Bobby Bell, David Wall, Deborah Wall, Brian Bell, Scott Dewhurst, Gillian Wall, David Charlton, Neil Welch, Chris Doyle, Andrew Westgarth, Brian Davison

Correspondence: The usual array of bills and requests.
Payments have been recieved for some programme adverts, unfortunately some are still outstanding.

 Treasurer: A healthy balance after all bills have been settled.

Programme: Going well, new ad sold.
The football club continue to benefit from a donation of 30 programmes each home game.

Shop: Internet sales slightly down, expect rise in sales pre Christmas.
Shop sales reflect the general decrease in attendance at games.
A further donation of socks to be made to the football club in addition to the 3 sets of strips etc. already donated at the start of the season.

AOB: 3 members of the exec. to be invited to the next meeting (to be held prior to the next home game) to present their ideas on how they can help out.
Bus – going well, further buses to be organised as needed.
Centre spread ad has been taken out by the club in a local advertising magazine. K. Scott is coordinating this and has asked us to order 30 junior tops for match day mascot package. An order for 50 (the minimum allowed by Errea) is to be placed with 20 going into stock.

Next meeting: 6th November @ 12.30

Posted by BSAFC Media Team