Notes from the Open Forum

Date: Thursday March 25th 2010

The meeting opened at 7.35pm with Kevin Scott (K.S.) asking the assembly if they had any questions of the players who had just finished training and were present in the room.
No questions were forthcoming so the open forum commenced.

Q. Are there plans to reopen the Social Club on more evenings?

A. K.S. outlined the difficulties and problems the S.C. had been under i.e. trade downturn, high overheads, financial deficits etc. which have resulted in the steps already taken to reduce losses.
A positive strategy has now been put into place resulting in more bookings and functions. Future plans to redo the bar area by introducing SkyTV., plasma’s and redecoration to make it more like a sports bar will be complemented by regular openings. Changes in Brewery supply are in discussion.

Q. Why is there no S.C. Committee?

A. Exec. Committee will follow this up.

Q. What plans are there to get more people through the turnstiles?

A. K.S. stated that advertising posters, internet usage and media placements would be ongoing. Admission prices for students would be looked at before the commencement of the new season. Reductions for the unemployed would be very difficult to enforce and those less honest than others could take advantage. The best way to increase footfall was to have a winning team!

Q. Why don’t we have signed players from other areas in the North and Midlands?

A. M.T. replied that he liked his team to train together and it would be impossible if players lived too far away. The reason behind the lack of players at the Hinckley game was that the game was rearranged and some team members had used up all their holiday entitlement.

Q. What plans for next season?

A. M.T. stated that he was slightly disappointed in the league position but bearing in mind the new players brought in, it augurs well for next season. There is still room for improvement and, with the existing players I hope to keep, and subject to the availability of others, the team will be stronger next season.

Q. Will you still be with us next season?

A. M.T. If the Board allows me to! There is no truth in the rumour about me going to Darlington. It seems I am linked to every club that has no money. Anyway I am planning for next season with B.S.

Q. Would it be beneficial to change our home midweek night to a Monday?

A. Not really. I don’t think there are any advantages in it.

Q. What about our poor away form?

A. M.T. It puzzles me because we have played well recently. Silly mistakes and bad refereeing decisions have been a factor.

Q. Are you still looking for a Coach?

A. Yes. Brian Honour is still very keen and is trying to get everything in place for next season.

Q. Contracted players for next season?

A. K.S. Most of the contracted players are out of contract this season so we need to decide who we want and offer accordingly.

Q. Why is the team not playing football as attractively as they were at the start of the season?

A. M.T. Mainly because the heavy pitches are not conducive to this style of play. We still try and play good football but there are times, especially out of defence, when this is not practical.

Q. How is Chris McCabe’s recovery coming along?

A. G.N. “Tadge” is healing much better than expected and already, has discarded his airboot.
The operation has been a complete success and he is working out at the gym most days. He will probably go back to work in 3 weeks time.

Q. Any chance of some silverware this year?

A. M.T. The N.S.C. is still there and I intend to play my best available team for the tie against Ashington.

Q. How are we getting on with the new Council?

A. K.S. There have been teething problems, mainly because the officials we need to talk to are far too busy trying to sort out other things, but we have made contact and we shall be resuming dialogue. The 2018/22 World Cup bids have been ratified by the Council and the necessary documents sent to Switzerland. 5 copies of the 40 page document for each bid have been completed and each page initialled by our G.M., Ian. Some say he may never recover!!

Q. Is the club doing anything in remembrance of Ronnie Scott?

A. K.S. Yes. As you well know it was his funeral today and the S.C. hosted the buffet afterwards.
His wife, Hilda, would like all who attend to give Ronnie a minute’s applause before the start of our match against Gloucester City on Sat. 27th. Graciously, the Supporters Club have foregone their Sponsorship to allow Ronnie’s family, friends and former teammates to be hosted in the P.F.S. suite and former players are to line the touchline for the applause.

Q. Have we fixed any pre-season games yet?

A. K.S. Not yet, but I.E. has been trying since the beginning of the year. He will not give up.

Q. There seems to be an unpleasant divide between the Exec. and some supporters. How can this be resolved?

A. K.S. I am not aware of any divide. If supporters have grievances come and see any member of the Exec. Individually or collectively we will resolve it. This Forum is an ideal vehicle to table these complaints so why, if some are dissatisfied, have they not come along to do so?

Q. What is the life of the Social Club?

A. K.S. We have just spent £11k on rewiring, the PAT test is fine and we are prepared to spend on the bar. I would say—indeterminable.

As there were no further questions the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Posted by BSAFC Media Team