New release should make Green Army ‘appy

There have been many developments over the last year for our media portfolio. There has been introduction of the likes of the club’s Instagram account, Official Podcasts, Radio Northumberland commentary, BSAFCTV and the continued use of the club’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts. That didn’t go unnoticed as we were awarded the “Evo-Stik League PR Club of the Year” in June.

Well now thanks to supporter and Supporters Club Committee member Chris Ferguson the club can boast a further addition to their bulging portfolio. The Green Army can now keep up to date with all things Spartans no matter where they are with our all new Smart Phone app. Available on all forms of Smart Phone Spartans supporters around the world can access the latest news and fixture information as well as being able to view all of the club’s social media accounts.

As an added bonus there will be the option to listen no matter where you are to the Official Podcasts and both highlights and full live match commentary from Radio Northumberland’s coverage.

Ferguson himself commented “As an exile, for the past few years I have relied on our award-winning media team to provide me with news from the club but, as I am increasingly on the move, was hindered by the lack of a mobile application to read news articles and check the upcoming fixtures so set about creating one.

This app pulls all of the news articles from the official website and shows them in a mobile-friendly format as well as giving you the opportunity to listen to the podcast, live commentary and commentary highlights on the move, along with the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and also this season’s fixtures.

I hope this helps many other Spartan exiles around the world as much as it has helped me”

Spartans Media Manager Phil Castiaux said “This season we have already added to our media output with our YouTube channel BSAFCTV and the increased level of live Radio Commentary thanks to Radio Northumberland. We are entirely grateful to Chris Ferguson for the painstaking process that he has gone through designing and creating our Smart Phone app. Thanks to his hard work there is yet another option for members of the Green Army to feel close to the club no matter where they are. We hope they love it”

To download the official Blyth Spartans AFC Smart Phone app follow the links below:

iphone/ipad users: and you will be prompted to install the app

Android users:

For more information on Chris Ferguson’s portfolio of Software development please access his website here

Some screenshots from the app can be found below:

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