Minutes of Supporters Club Meeting – Saturday 24 August 2013

In Attendance: Bob Bell (C), Dave Wall (VC), Anthony Seghini (T), Gillian Wall (CSM), Brian Bell, Steve Topham, Deborah Wall, Dan Rolls, Michael Soulsby, Jane Freeman (Exec Rep)
Apologies: Adam Sancaster, Chris Doyle

1.Treasurers Report: AS gave the treasurers report and advised the details of the club’s bank account and gave details of outstanding bills for programmes and club shop merchandise.

2.Programme: We are now using a new programme company (Sporting Lizard) and although there have been teething problems these are well on the way to being ironed out.

3. GW reported that business has picked up slightly in the club shop and on line.

4. All invoices have been sent out to those who advertise in the match day programmes. Bringing this money quickly is very important and this will be followed up.

5. AOB:
Dan Rolls and Michael Soulsby were co-opted as new members of the committee.
BB advised that there are problem with a section of the roof of the club shop and this problem will need to be addressed.
The situation regarding the publishing of Ken Sproat’s book charting the history of the Spartans is on going with costs the on going problem.
DR had approached DW over the possibility of getting comedian Tony Jameson to do a gig in the club. Tony has already spoken to Ian Evans in this regard.
Next meeting to be Saturday 5 October in the Sponsors Lounge at 12.30pm.

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