Minutes of Supporters Club AGM – 2013

Minutes of the Blyth Spartans Supporters Club AGM 14 August 2013.

1 .The meeting was opened at 7.00 pm by the Supporters Club Vice Chairman, David Wall (DW).

2. DW read out the minutes of the previous Supporters Club AGM held on 2012. DW motioned these were accepted as a true and accurate record, this was by proposed by Gillian Wall (GW) and seconded by Chris Doyle (CD).

3. The SC’s Treasurer, Anthony Seghini, was unable to attend so his report was read out by DW and the SC made a slight profit over the year of £583.95. In addition to this, the SC made cash donations to the football club last season totalling £2,000 and also provided an additional amount in the region of £2,200 to the club through the purchase of playing kit, match day programmes for the Executive Committee/sponsors/visiting officials etc and the payment of water rates. SC Chairman Bobby Bell (BB) asked those in attendance if there were any questions on the accounts – there were none. CD proposed the accounts were adopted, this was seconded by Colin Cooke.

4. The SC Chairman, BB, read out his report. BB thanked the SC committee members, the football club Executive Committee, the gatemen and others for their work, some of it unseen, over the past season. The match day programme has seen a change in its editor for this season. The new editor, Adam Sancaster is doing a good job and has produced good pre-season friendly programmes. There is a new programme supplier this season, the flexibility on the numbers that can be ordered on a match by match basis will hopefully eliminate some of the losses made on last season’s programmes. Encouragingly, there has been an increase in the number of adverts sold for this season’s programme and therefore an increase in revenue. The SC committee saw 4 resignations last season – David Charlton, Brian Davison, Neil Welch and Andrew Westgarth. BB wished to place on record his thanks for their hard work and efforts last season. As a result of those resignations, there were SC committee vacancies to be filled. BB is looking forward to this season.

5. Election of the Officers of the SC committee. BB and DW wished to stand for their posts of Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. They were elected unopposed. Following the resignation of the previous Secretary, Andrew Westgarth, CD confirmed he would stand for election as the new Secretary, he was elected unopposed. During last season, Stephen Topham (ST) had been co-opted onto the SC committee. ST confirmed he wished to remain on the committee and he was elected unopposed.

6. Any other business – none.

7. BB Closed the AGM by thanking everyone for their support both last season and this coming season. The meeting ended at 7.11 pm.

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