Mick Tait Interview

Spartans Manager Mick Tait speaks to the Official WebsiteNewly installed Spartans’ Manager Mick Tait recently took time out from pre-season training and the on-going player recruitment to talk to the official website on how he has found the job so far and what he hopes for this season and the future: –

Q. It is almost 10 years since you were the Manager in your first spell, has Blyth Spartans changed much since the last time you were here?

A. In the 10 years or so since I left the club I have seen lots of changes on and off the pitch. The ground is very smart now and a pleasant place to come to work. Off the field there has been a tremendous amount of work gone on to put the club on a sound financial footing and all of this before the great F.A. cup run. There are too many teams these days trying to live a dream that is not realistic. At least now that the club are financially sound work can be done to push the club forward.

Q. How have you found the role as the Spartans manager so far?

A. The job, so far, has been just as enjoyable as I found it the last time I was here. It is a good place to work with all of the enthusiasm that surrounds the place.

Q. It was mentioned in the press release when were first appointed that you had seen the Spartans play last season, what were your impressions of the team?

A. It is maybe a little unfair of me to pass comment on the Spartans games I saw last season, as they were mostly cup games when it was about winning and not so much about playing well.

Q. Other than watching the Spartans, has your role as a football scout afforded you opportunity to watch any additional Blue Square North games, if so, what do you think of the standard of the league?

A. While on my travels, working for Norwich, I did see some BSN games and although they were of a lesser standard than the Championship, I did notice that there were a lot of good players coming in to this tier of football. The standard is certainly rising.

Q. It is inevitable when a new manager takes over at a club that there will be arrivals and departures from the playing side, are you finding it easy or difficult to attract the kind of players to the club that you want and are you disappointed with any of departures so far?

A. Players come and players go at all clubs and although there can be disappointment when some players leave I always try to be positive and think about the players who want to play for the football club. All of the players signed so far want to come and play for this football club.

Q. Is it more or less difficult to attract players, with it being well known that the Spartans did so well financially out of last year’s FA Cup run?

A. It has not been too difficult attracting players to the club because of the club’s cup success because I have explained the club’s long term plans to players and they seem to fully understand and agree with the policy.

As I said earlier, too many clubs are throwing all of their money into having one successful season, only for it to backfire and leave them perilously close to extinction. We have long-term plans and I hope everyone can see the sense in it.

Q. You have appointed Adam Sadler as your assistant manager, what qualities do you think that he will bring to the job?

A. I am very pleased with the acquisition of Adam Sadler as assistant manager, as he is a bright up and coming coach. I just hope the professional clubs leave him with us for a while!

Q. What are your footballing philosophies and what are the key fundamentals that you attempt to instill in your teams?

A. I hope to create a good footballing side, here at Croft Park, as I think people who pay money to watch football should leave the ground having been entertained. I would also like to have a group of players who show passion for the club they are representing.

Q. What are you hopes for this season and what are your long-term goals and ambitions for the club?

A. This season we need to become one of the strong sides in this league and create a platform to progress as a football club. If we were to find ourselves at the top end of the league then it would be fantastic, but we must aim to consolidate our place in this division and not flirt with relegation again.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team