Important Notice for supporters

Whilst all at Croft Park is going very well at the moment General Manager Ian Evans has a word of warning for the minority few.

“Unfortunately the match officials and FA observer at the Hartlepool FA Cup tie reported BSAFC for the three separate pitch invasions and the release of two smoke bombs. We have escaped a heavy fine, this time, although we have had to increase security for the Birmingham City game and that is going to be costly. The total police and stewarding costs for the Birmingham game are in excess of £12,000.

“Somewhere in the region of £3,000 of this is to cover additional measures brought about by the stupidity of a few so called supporters who I know are not regulars at Croft Park.

“The police arrested three of the pitch invaders and are now acting on information regarding the release of the smoke bombs. I hope these idiots are arrested before Saturday.”

That said Evans went on to suggest that should any regular supporters see or hear of anything untoward that might in turn tarnish the reputation of our club then he would hope that any such information would be passed on to a club official so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Evans added: “We need to show the watching football world that we can put on a high profile fixture, just as we did in 2008/9 on three separate occasions, without incident. I know 99.9 percent of Saturday’s sell out crowd would like the same.”

Posted by BSAFC Media Team