Farsley Celtic resign from League

The club have received the following statement from the Football Conference: –

On Monday 8th March 2010, the Football Conference was notified that Farsley Celtic FC would be unable to fulfil their Blue Square North fixture on Tuesday 9th March 2010, following advice received from the Administrator overseeing the financial affairs of the club. This meant the club had failed to fulfil three fixtures, with each being a breach of Football Conference Rule 8.6. The club had also consistently failed to pay its Football Creditors, being a breach of Football Conference Rule 11.

The Football Conference then received instruction from the Club Secretary to cancel all their players’ registrations, with those players having been advised by the Club that they were free to seek other clubs. None of the players registered by the Club were “contracted”. With a continuing player registration embargo on the Club, this makes it impossible for the Club to sign or loan replacement players.

Clearly the actions of the Club have brought The Competition into disrepute, a breach of Football Conference Rule 18. Furthermore, the Football Conference noted that the Transitional Agreement entered into by the Administrator with the consortium, which had enabled Farsley Celtic (1908) Limited to fulfil fixtures up to 1 March has now expired and had not been renewed. The Club was, therefore, unable to fulfil any further fixtures.

The lack of any players, and the impossibility of fulfilling any further fixtures, means the Club’s membership of our Competition has been frustrated. In any event, the Football Conference was faced, with regard to the instruction from the Club Secretary concerning the release of players, as de facto resignation.

Due to these circumstances, The Football Conference was left with no other option than to formally accept the Club’s resignation from the Competition and their full playing record is expunged forthwith as of today (Friday 12th March 2010).

A recalculated table for the Blue Square North will be issued by the Football Conference via the Press Association. All media and club records are also required to delete all individual player goals scored in matches against Farsley Celtic this season in the Blue Square North. This is to ensure fairness and consistency combined with the integrity of the competition. This does not affect any matches played in the FA Cup or FA Trophy.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team