FA Trophy Quarter Final

All supporters of the club will be aware of the incidents that happened at the FA Trophy quarter final game against Gateshead. The FA were advised of the incidents in the referees report and the club had to make a formal response. This was potentially a serious offence that could have resulted in a large fine or other punishment being levied by the FA.

A comprehensive report was submitted by the Club highlighting all the measures taken to ensure the safety of players, officials and spectators in what was acknowledged as being a high profile game with a larger than expected crowd.

The FA have now responded acknowledging the comprehensive measures taken and the fact that there were no issues regarding crowd segregation. The FA have also offered advice on what measures can be taken if culprits of the misdemeanours are identified or if similar actions are repeated in the future.

The Club is pleased to report that the FA will be taking no further action on this occasion.

Posted by BSAFC Admin