Chester – Conference Statement

Member clubs of the Football Conference, at a general meeting held today (Friday 26th February), voted in support of the Board of Director’s recommendation to erase Chester City (2004) FC from membership in accordance with Article 5.2 of the Football Conference Ltd.

Chester City FC, although having the right to make a presentation to the member clubs against the recommendation, did not attend the meeting.

Following the general meeting the Board of the Football Conference convened and declared in line with Football Conference Rule 13.9 that Chester City’s record in the competition this season will be expunged. The resultant changes to the table which will affect other club records will not be activated until any right of appeal process has expired or such appeal dealt with.

For avoidance of doubt, Chester City FC can only appeal against the original decision of the Board in relation to Football Conference Rule 8.6 which relates to their recommendation to member clubs. There can be no direct appeal via the Football Association in respect of the decision by member clubs relating to Article 5.2.

Today’s events are unparalleled in the history of our national sport and it is with much regret these circumstances have evolved. The Football Conference are saddened that any club should meet such a fate and we sympathise with those who hold the club dear to their hearts, especially after a proud heritage of 125 yrs. Whilst the decision of member clubs was taken in respect of the club failing to fulfil fixtures, behind these failures is a lesson to every club at whatever level they participate. Clubs have to live within their means and financial prudence can be the only way forward.

Colin Peake

PR & Media

Board Director

The Football Conference

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