Blyth Spartans Poem | Blyth Spirit

Blyth Spartans AFC is thrilled to share its Blyth Spirit poem, as written by poet and supporter Matt Abbott. 

With Matt’s expertise, our aim was to produce a visual that reflects the rich history of the football club, from its famous names, FA Cup runs and much, much more. 

Lifelong fan Graham Usher and former long-serving media manager Phil Castiaux were approached to bring Matt’s words into a northerly soul. 

Jordan Cronin, the club’s current media manager, was then tasked with creating the final video to bring the project to fruition.

The poem refers to the club’s Future Fund, which is aiming to raise funds to ensure the survival of Blyth Spartans and support manager Michael Nelson in his efforts to build his squad for the new season following the impact of Covid-19. 

Stephen Durrant, Non-Executive Director at Blyth Spartans, said: “Matt and I were having a discussion about the potential of future collaboration on the back of Matt renewing his pitchside board for another year. 

“We discussed the importance of the Future Fund given the pandemic and season being cut short.

“Matt mentioned some work he had done with another football club and the idea of capturing the heart and soul of Blyth Spartans in words and video montage was formed.

“History was collated from which Matt could take the key facts and memories that define Spartans and begin to shape the Blyth Spirit poem.”

Matt Abbott added: “Writing this poem for Blyth Spartans is a huge honour for me and I hope it goes a little way to boosting the Future Fund. 

“The club has an extremely special place in my heart and one of the best non-league fan bases going, so let’s pull together and see ’em go into battle next season!”

Blyth Spartans would like to thank Matt for his incredible work, and to Graham, Phil and Jordan for bringing the final version to life. 

To donate to our Future Fund, please visit the following link HERE.

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