Worksop game – reaction

Spartans manager Paddy Atkinson spoke after last night’s 8-1 defeat at Worksop.

“You wouldn’t see some of our play at school-boy level,” he said. “I felt for our front three in the first half because their movement was good but missing the penalty early on knocked everyone’s confidence. We just weren’t good enough in terms of the goals we gave away. I’ve spoken to the back four who were awful tonight, awful. I have to apologise to everyone connected with the club for tonight.

“One or two players came back in and let the team down.”

He continued:”If the Board, if they decide to make a decision on my future or players’ futures… job has always been the same-I was came as a coach and I will pick the team. However if it’s me or however – there has got to be a few changes, there has to be because that result is not good enough for me, Tom Wade or whoever is connected with the club.

“It was like watching a comedy film at times. I couldn’t believe it. But it’s not as though we were steamrolled in midfield or out-muscled up front but we didn’t deal with set pieces. I don’t think it was down to our shape or the way we set up it just wasn’t a professional performance, simple as that.

“In terms of this Saturday it’s in the players’ hands. Some of us might not be here, some will be. But we need players who will die for the cause.

“I apologise to the fans who travelled to Worksop. I feel really sorry for them going all that way in the bad weather to see that performance. If I could give them their money back from the players wages I would.”

Posted by BSAFC Media Team