Spartans U10s 6 Tynemouth United Blues 2

Two catch up matches in two days, we were certainly taking advantage of “better” weather – at least it wasn’t raining.

Tynemouth played a very defensive formation having all their players in their own half whenever we had the ball.  This gave Lewis P freedom to roam in the first quarter as an extra midfielder, which caused them problems as he took advantage of the space and crossed in long balls and even had a few shots.

Spartans took the lead from Besty and Brooklyn soon made it 2-0.  A bit of complacency from us gave Tynemouth the ball in a dangerous area and they pulled one back, but Besty got another to make it 3-1 by the end of the quarter. The second quarter saw just as much pressure but only one goal – a second from Brooklyn.

We now had two players with the chance of a hat-trick.  The third quarter saw that hat trick.  A ball dropped in the box between Besty and Brooklyn and totally unchallenged they looked at each other and both left it for each other.  This comical moment ended when Besty jumped in their and put it past the keeper.  Besty made it 6-1 by the end of the quarter.

Rhys was having a good game down the left taking on and beating players to get crosses in and Kieron had a magical run down the right and even I don’t know how he got past and through as many players as he did.  Adam again had a good game and was unlucky not to score his first goal for the club.  A bit of tinkering with the team for the last quarter led to a disjointed formation which didn’t quite work and allowed Tynemouth to come back and score a second to make it 6-2 at the final whistle.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team