Poster Distribution

Very soon supporters will be able to download and print official fixture posters for display in your place of work, local business premise’s, shops etc. I would be grateful if supporters could e-mail Ian Evans with the localities of each poster placed, if it is to be a regular issue, so that the club can keep tabs on this promotion.

In order for you to check first, a list of our current poster points is also published. We wish to take the opportunity of thanking those companies who have supported us to date and a thank you to those supporters who are about to increase our match day publicity, the current locations are as follows: –

Blyth Locations

1. Morrisons Supermarket
2. The Royal Tavern
3. Oliver’s Wine Bar
4. The Post Office Bar
5. The Quay
6. The Masons Arms
7. The Sports Club
8. Fish & Chip shop (Coomassie Road)
9. Bebside Garage
10. Ford Garage (Bebside)
11. McDonalds Restaurants
12. Prince of Wales
13. Gills Fisheries
14. The Joiners Arms
15. Shy’s Butchers
16. Bowes Street Fruit & Veg
17. Walmsley’s Furniture
18. Alphabet Soup
19. Ladbrokes
20. 2nd Hand shop, Bowes Street
21. Crowe & Atkinson
22. Specs Galore
23. Tudor Café
24. William Hill
25. Dolly Dimples
26. Bowes Street Barbers
27. Ashley’s Hairdressers
28. Capricorn Hair Design
29. Blyth Sports Centre
30. Tollhurst Centre
31. Bradley’s Hardwear
32. The Sewing Shop
33. Woodcocks
34. Celebrations Cards
35. Bus Station Office
36. The Library
37. Coastline Café South Beach
38. Post Office Snack Bar
39. 21st Century Videos
40. Ronnie Campbells Office
41. Vine & Williamson
42. Broadway Chippy
43. Broadway Launderette
44. Chinese Takeaway (Broadway)
45. Blyth Spartans Social Club
46. Plessey Pantry
47. Blyth Smartens
48. Plessey Pets
49. Stadium Fish Bar
50. KFC
51. Kwikfit
52. Homebase
53. Dave Stephens Centre

Seaton Sluice / Seaton Delaval

54. Seaton Delaval Club
55. Terrace Club
56. Victoria & Albert
57. The Hastings Arms
58. The Fat Ox
59. The Milburn

Other Locations

60. The Shoes (Cramlington)
61. The Turks Head (Tynemouth)

Posted by BSAFC Media Team