Supporters Club Meeting Minutes (Oct 2009)

3 Oct 2009 @ 12.30

Andrew Westgarth, Jeff Young, Anthony Seghini, Deborah Wall, Martin Hunter, Dave Charlton, Derek Birdsey, Scott Dewhurst, Dave Wall, Brian Bell, Gillian Wall and Brian Davison

Bobby Bell

Usual array of bills, orders and requests

Online shop to be launched this week

Outlet is now open in Blyth Town Centre – Phil Castiaux (& MH) to organise publicity.

Various items of stock were discussed and it was agreed that these would be ordered.

Revised adverts are now included in the programme; BD to chase up payment

Remaining programmes from the Ossett Albion game to be sold via the online shop.

Treasurer’s Report:
Very healthy even after all outstanding bills have been paid

Any Other Business:
Possible attendees for the sponsorship of the Eastwood Town game were discussed; MH to contact with invites.

Buses have been organised for the upcoming FA Cup game, whilst it was agreed that the second bus would probably make a loss, it was agreed that this should be subsidised by the SC as a thank you to the supporters.

Date of next meeting:
14 November 2009 @ 12.30 (v Eastwood Town)

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