Exec Committee Meeting (17 Jan 2011)


Attendees: A Platten, K Scott, C Baxter, J Freeman, S Frake , J Young, A Bowron
Apologies: S Ord
Guest: A Seghini

1. Minutes of previous meeting

2. Matters Arising.
– Discussions are continuing with NCC regarding the future of the PFS, a report is expected from NCC this week.

3. Correspondence.
– Transport arrangements have been made for re-arranged matches and a possible Trophy replay.
– Documents have been received from NCC regarding the annual ground safety inspection requirements.

4. Football
– It has been confirmed that players with fewer than 5 yellow cards now have clean slates.
– Those that have already received a ban for accumulating five yellow cards can still received a further ban if they exceed a total of ten yellow cards
– Ex Ilkeston goalkeeper Dan Lowson has signed for the Club
– The matter of the smoke bomb and firework at the Altringham match will be discussed with stewards before Tuesdays match against Telford

5. Social Club
– Posters and tickets for the Russ Tippen Concert have been arranged and sales appear to be going well. Additional posters can be collected from the General Office, all supporters are asked to publicise the event by all means.
– Second Rock band has been booked for February 26th
– New bookings for 18th birthday and weddings have been received.
– End of Term fancy dress party to be considered.

6. AOB
– The Club will attend a small business forum to be held at Gosforth Park next month with a view to identifying new sponsors.
– The Club is to consider serving sponsor’s food before the match rather than after for next season.
– A cheque from the Supporters Club will be presented before the Telford match.

Next meeting Monday 7th February 2011

Posted by BSAFC Media Team