Exec Committee Meeting (29 March 2010)


Present: A. Platten, K. Scott, I. Evans, A Bowron & G. Young.
Guests; S. Frake & J. Freeman.
Apologies; C. Baxter, S. Ord & R. Harding.

a) The minutes of he last meeting (15.03.10) were approved.

a) IKE has requested additional documents and information from Carlsberg. Still no price quotes received from supplier.
b) Signed minutes, which including the agreement to sign the contract for the world cup training centre, have been requested and sent to FIFA’s solicitors.
c) IKE was close to finalizing the details behind the BSFC Scholarship. He now has support from the CSV Volunteer and Training centre (Education) along with PFS (football coaching)
d) After discussion it was agreed to purchase from the NFA the additional insurance policy against individuals who may wish to sue individual players/BSFC for injuries received whilst playing against BSFC. IKE will arrange.
e) CB has held initial discussions with Draeger regarding continuation of their shirt sponsorship for season 2011/12.

a) ARP has had a reply to his letter to the NFA (which was passed on to the FA) in relation to the amount of paperwork completed up to now for the inclusion in the World Cup Training Site. His reply, from Lord Triesman simply suggested that he had more paperwork to complete than the competing teams! Swiss law apparently allows no copying of any and all documents.
b) The FA have tickets which we can apply for the England Vs Mexico game on the 24th of May. Application needs to be with the FA by 7th of April. Tickets are £40 & £30.
c) Application for NFA membership and invoice for senior cup entrance fees for season 2010/11 have been received and will be completed and returned to the NFA this week. Notice for the AGM (27.05.10) has also been received.
d) IKE has received an e-mail from Hamrun Spartans of Malta suggesting a possible link up between both clubs. IKE will follow up and report back to the committee.
e) The Conference Board meeting minutes have been received and will be kept on file.
f) IKE will pass on the enquiry made by Steve Carney to Mick Tait.
g) Letter received from the FA regarding the “Three year rule” covering teams “eligible” for both North & South leagues is to be scrapped. Current agreements will be honored but the FA have asked for any teams to come forward who wish to forgo this agreement this season. It is clear that along side the promotional and relegation effect the increased number of teams being relegated or going out of business due to off the field reasons will have a big effect on the formation of the various leagues for season 2010/11.

a) S Frake has suggested that we start a programme of inviting guests from the local “business world” to matches in order to show what is on offer for sponsors on match day. Whilst this is done on an ad hoc basis it was agreed that we should increase the activity. It was agreed that exec members would continue to pay for their match day refreshments in addition to any guests they bring along.
b) AB reported that a press release covering the under 17’s disco’s has been prepared for release. The first disco takes place on Friday the 9th of April.
c) IKE has reminded M. Tait that last day for signing players for this season is this coming Wednesday the 31st of March. MT had tried to sign players for the NSC semi final tomorrow but the deadline had been passed.
d) A calendar of events for the social club had been distributed prior to the meeting.
e) IKE reported that he has sent out he third set of requests for pre-season fixtures to all the Scottish league teams and the “Northern Based” football league teams. Reaction from Scotland, as always, is positive but “lack luster” from most of the English league teams. Having said that only a few teams have given a definite no, some teams have requested traveling expenses + gate share and some teams have stated they are awaiting to see what league they are in for next season. One football league club, who have had their share of financial problems in the past, wrote back stating that they were unable to visit Croft Park as they were spending pre-season at an Austrian training camp! He will continue to report on any success.

The next meeting will be on Monday the 12th of April at 6 PM.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team