Supporters Club Meeting Minutes (Jan 2010)

16 January 2010 @ 12.30

Jeff Young, Anthony Seghini, Deborah Wall, Martin Hunter, Bobby Bell, Derek Birdsey, Scott Dewhurst, Dave Wall, Brian Bell and Gillian Wall

Derek Birdsey, David Charlton, Brian Davison and Andrew Westgarth

Matters Arising:
The condition of the roof was mentioned to the EC, this will be followed up to the council.

Usual array of bills, orders and requests

Online shop still going well

Next rent installment is due on town centre outlet.

Issue with PayPal has been resolved, this did not effect the running of the online shop.

DW to confirm delivery address for programme.

Unpaid adverts to be chased up (All)

New supply of bronx (wooly) hats is expected next week, details to be uploaded to the online club shop.

Treasurer’s Report:
Very healthy even after all outstanding bills have been paid

Any Other Business:

Date of next meeting:
13 February 2010 @ 12.30 (v Stafford Rangers)

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