Supporters Club Meeting 8th October 2011 – Minutes

Minutes of the Blyth Spartans Supporters Club Committee meeting held on 8/10/11

Present: Bobby Bell, David Wall, Brian Davison, Brian Bell, Deborah Wall, Gillian Wall, Neil Welch, Glen Maxwell, Steve Frake, David Charlton, Chris Doyle, Andrew Westgarth

Apologies:  Jeff Young, Anthony Seghini

Matters Arising: None


·         The usual bills and requests.


·         Internet sales slow – will hopefully pick up in Christmas run up

·         Main shop doing well

·         New hats needed

·         Toffs have contacted SC re: Viz Shirt. Discussions are ongoing


·         Bank balance healthy


·         All positive. Selling well. No real negative response to price increase.

·         Special programme for Scott Bell game to be confirmed. Discussion at a later date.


·         Discussion held regarding system for club to order polo shirts etc.

·         New sponsorship ideas needed to raise funds.


Next meeting 5th November 2011 @ 1pm

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