Spartans Abroad

This photo gallery shows SpartansFans in far flung and exotic locations. Should you have a picture of yourself wearing your Spartans stuff in somewhere of interest, please email them to

Abu Dhabi

(Above:) SpartansFan Chris Allen at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Córdoba, Spain

(Above:) SpartansFan John Hague at the Córdoba v Huesca match at the Estadio Nuevo Arcángel in Córdoba, Spain

Moscow, Russia

(Above:) SpartansFan Martin Hunter at St. Basils Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow, Russia


(Above:) SpartansFan Iain Turton on a bridge overlooking the canals of Amsterdam, The Netherlands as part of his ‘stag do’.


(Above:) SpartansFans Adam Dixon and Mark Walker at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany – the home of the 1972 Summer Games, as well as the venue for England’s famous 5-1 victory over Germany in 2001.


(Above:) SpartansFans Iain Turton and Mark Walker at the Dolícek Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic to watch Bohemians 1905 v 1.FK Príbram (Bohemians 1905, the home team, also wear green and white shirts)

Bagan, Burma

(Above:) SpartanFan Ryan Grey in Bagan, Burma

Yosemite National Park

(Above:) SpartanFan Leanne Wake with a felled sequoia tree in Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Mount Etna

(Above:) SpartansFans Ian and Olivia Hertwick visit an erupting Mount Etna, Sicily.

Tokyo, Japan

(Above:) SpartansFan Martin Hunter at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan


(Above:) SpartansFan Anna Wilkie at the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia


(Above:) SpartansFan Jeff Young on the start/finish line of the Monaco Grand Prix

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

(Above:) SpartansFan Iain Turton, with Michael Dixon at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mt B????, Bali

(Above:) SpartansFan Helen Ashburner, with Shane Benton at the top of Mt. Batur in Bali

San Antonio, Texas

(Above:) SpartansFan Martin Hunter at “The Alamo”, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Fontainebleau, France

(Above:) SpartansFan Tom Crane attempts to get up ‘Big Jim (6c)’ at Petit Bois, Fontainebleau, France

New York City, USA

(Above:) SpartansFan Rosanna Betti at the ‘Reconstruction Plaque’ on Brooklyn Bridge, New York

New York City, USA

(Above:) SpartansFan Denise Bonaccorso at the Guggenheim Museum, New York

Endeavour Hills

(Above:) SpartansFan Zac Milverton in his home town of Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia

Beijing, China

(Above:) SpartansFans Ray and Martin Hunter at the ‘Great Wall’ in Beijing, China

Corfu, Greece

(Above:) SpartansFan Baz Williams on a beach in Corfu

Washington DC, USA

(Above:) SpartansFan Philippa Olsen at the White House in Washington DC, USA

Krakow, Poland

(Above:) SpartansFan Martin Hunter with Smok Wawelski, the Wawal Dragon, in Krakow, Poland

Washington DC, USA

(Above:) SpartansFan Matt Hurren at the White House in Washington DC, USA


(Above:) SpartansFan Sgt Lee Davidson on his recent tour of Afganistan


(Above): SpartansFan Eric Preputnick ‘struggling’ with the winter weather in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

Chester, Pennsylvania

(Above): SpartansFan Eric Preputnick at PPL Park in Chester, Pennsylvania, prior to watching the Philadelphia Union host the LA Galaxy

Christchurch, New Zealand

(Above): SpartansFan Mick Scott, at the All Blacks v Australia rugby test in Christchurch (before the ‘quake!)

New York, USA

(Above): SpartansFans Martin Hunter and Tom Crane at Yankee Stadium for the New York Yankees v Boston Red Socks baseball game


(Above): SpartansFan Alyssha Burt in Minorca

Ross County

(Above): SpartansFan Thomas Armstrong at the Ross County v Livingston Scottish Cup tie in Dingwall, Scotland

San Francisco

(Above): SpartansFan Rob Shanks on (a very cloudy) Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, USA

Grand Canyon

(Above): SpartansFan Martin Hunter at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(Above): SpartansFan Mark Hennessey at the Crazy Buffalo bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Montana, USA

(Above): SpartanFan Miles Scheuering in New Chicago, a ghost town, in Montana, USA

Santorini, Greece

(Above): SpartansFan Norman Wake on the Greek Island of Santorini bringing the Spartans back to their spiritual home!

Wellington, New Zealand

(Above) SpartansFan Mick Scott at the New Zealand v Bahrain World Cup Qualifier in Wellington, New Zealand


(Above) SpartansFan Baz Williams in Barbados

Machu Pichu, Peru

(Above) SpartansFan Anna Wilkie having reached Machu Pichu, Peru walking the Inca trail

Dubrovnik, Croatia

(Above) SpartansFan Matt Hurren at the Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Florida, USA

(Above) SpartansFans David Jackson and Mickey Mouse at the Epcot Centre, Florida, USA

Serrekunda, Gambia

(Above) SpartansFan Adam Dixon watches a football match from ‘the terraces’ in Serrekunda, Gambia

Gran Canaria, Spain

(Above) SpartansFans Josh and Sam Welch in Gran Canaria, Spain

Nunspeet, Netherlands

(Above) SpartansFan Johan Klompemaker in Nunspeet, Netherlands

Marmuris, Turkey

(Above) SpartansFan Paul Robinson in Marmuris, Turkey

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

(Above) SpartansFan Rich Southin at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

Nürburgring, Germany

(Above) SpartansFan Stephen Castiaux with the Podium Girls at Nürburgring for the 2009 German Grand Prix

Ulldecona, Spain

(Above) SpartansFan Jim Parker in his favourite ‘Barca Bar’ in Ulldecona, Spain (where he has lived for the last two years)

‘A mountain’, Iceland

(Above) SpartansFan Nick Kinghorn up ‘a mountain’ in Iceland

Sofia, Bulgaria

(Above) SpartansFan Andrey Momchilov prior to the Bulgaria v Republic of Ireland match at the Vassil Levski Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria

San Stefanos, Corfu

(Above) SpartansFans Ian and Livvy Hertwick in San Stefanos, Corfu

Turin, Italy

(Above) SpartansFans ‘The Blyth Mags’ ensure their Spartans flag is correctly positioned at Stadio delle Alpi in Turin, Italy

Dusseldorf, Germany

(Above) SpartansFans ‘The Blyth Mags’ in Dusseldorf, Germany

Rome, Italy

(Above) SpartansFans ‘The Blyth Mags’ in Rome, Italy

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

(Above) SpartansFans Martin Hunter and Nicola Dawes at the 2003 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia

Aspen, Colorado, USA

(Above) SpartansFan Dave Charlton in Aspen, Colorado

MCG, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(Above) SpartansFan Matt Hurren at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada

(Above) SpartansFan Leanne Wake on the longest ice rink in the world – the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada (8km of frozeness!)

Salinas, California, USA

(Above) SpartansFan Anthony Toohey (from King City, California) visits the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California

Daly Waters Pub, Australia

(Above) SpartansFans Nicola and Stephen Dawes visited the world famous Daly Waters pub in Northern Territory of Australia and, as is customary, left behind their own decoration for the place (the Spartans pennant can be seen on the timber door to the right of the photo)

Galle Test Match, Sri Lanka

(Above) SpartansFan Dave Charlton at the Galle Test Match in Sri Lanka

Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA

(Above) SpartansFan Iain Turton outside Madison Square Garden in New York City

Nagoya, Japan

(Above) SpartansFan Stephen Castiaux at a Nagoya Grampus Eight game in Nagoya, Japan

Sydney Test Match, Australia

(Above) SpartansFans Iain Turton and Darron Walton at the 5th Test between Australia and England at the SCG, Sydney, Australia

Hershey, Pennsylvannia, USA

(Above) SpartansFan Eric Preputnick at the Hershey World in Hershey, Pennsylvannia, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

(Above) SpartansFan Joe Davis in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

(Above) SpartansFans Adam Dixon and Mark Walker at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France prior to the France v England friendly.


(Above) SpartansFan Paul McHenry in the Kokee national park, on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii.


(Above) SpartansFan Michael Ellis at the Three Valley Gap Ghost Town in British Columbia, Canada.