Executive Committee Minutes (7 January 2013)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – 7th Jan 2013

Attendees: A Platten, J Young, I Evans, K Scott, A Bowron, C Baxter, S Ord, J Freeman
Apologies: S Frake

1. Minutes of previous meeting

2. Matters Arising
– Letter from HMRC, after their visit in December, has been received. No matters have been raised.

3. Correspondence.
– Email from Chairman of North Ferriby asking if the after match players catering was of an acceptable standard as he had heard a rumour that it was sub-standard. We advised that no such issue had been raised with any of our management and that in our opinion every thing was perfectly acceptable.
– The loss of travel expenses for the cancelled Fylde match have still not been paid.

4. Football
– We were presented with a certificate and bottle of whiskey for “First half of season Fair Play award” before Matlock game.
– Investigating the possibility of a pre-season four way weekend friendly tournament which might include Scottish teams.

5. Social Club
– Work is continuing to reduce all overheads.
– Price promotion in Social club over Christmas did not work.

6. AOB
– Club Forum to be arranged in February.
– Office security completed.
– Office felt roof to be inspected for suspected leak when weather improves.
– North stand mains supply catinery cable temporarily repaired.

7. Next meeting
– Monday 21st Jan 2013

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