Club Statement | Open Letter

Dear Fans,

In recent weeks the Football Club has received several complaints by a large number of our supporters including, the wider respected community members, and those who hold a particular interest within the Football Club.

The complaints brought forward by the aforementioned, are against particular individuals who are fabricating stories that are deceitful and without merit.

Furthermore, these individuals are fuelling hatred across social media platforms with fake news, including harassment and defamatory comments against the club and its officials.

This also includes misleading and deceitful statements about the Football Club and its day to day operations.

We would like to inform you we are currently investigating all of your complaints against the culprits, and will act swiftly and accordingly where necessary in due course.

We are a community driven Football Club, and we would like to assure you we have taken your concerns and complaints very seriously.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and ongoing support, which is always greatly appreciated and highly valued by everyone at Blyth Spartans Football Club.

Irfan Liaquat

Posted by BSAFC Admin