SpartansFans Player of the Season 2008/09

(Information up to date as of 3 April 2009)

As with previous seasons will be awarding its traditional ‘Player of the Season’ award to the player with the highest average merit mark at the end of the season. To be eligible a player must still be at the club and have played in at least half of the games that season.

Merit marks are awarded by various individuals and groups throughout the season and monthly prizes will be announced on this website.

Previous Winners:
2005-2006 – Robert Dale
2006-2007 – Chris McCabe
2007-2008 – Adam Bartlett

2008-2009 Monthly Winners:
August – Richard Pell
September – Anthony Hume
October – Andrew Wright
November – Chris McCabe
December – Richard Pell
January – Adrian Webster
February – Chris McCabe
March – Chris McCabe

Current Standings:
7.84 – Chris McCabe
7.46 – Richard Pell
7.39 – Mark Bell
7.38 – Shaun Reay
7.20 – Alex Gildea

Star Man Awards:
6 – Chris McCabe

5 – Richard Pell

4 – Marc Walton and Robert Dale

3 – Mark Bell, Shaun Reay, Simon Todd, Gareth Williams and Paul Farman

2 – Kenny Boyle and Andrew Leeson

1 – Gary Brown, Ged Dalton, Alex Gildea, Anthony Hume, Adrian Webster, Andrew Wright, Adam Laidlaw and Stuart Banks

SpartansFans Young Player of the Season:
(Awared to the Spartans player with the highest average Merit Mark score who is 21 or under at the end of the season)

7.38 Shaun Reay
7.06 Simon Todd
6.95 Ged Dalton

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