News | Spartans link up with GAIN charity

Blyth Spartans AFC are linking up with GAIN charity, who manager Lee Clark is an ambassador for, on Saturday for our National League North clash with Kettering Town.

You can learn more about Lee’s association with the charity HERE.

GAIN raises awareness of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare autoimmune condition affecting the peripheral nervous system. It causes the nerves in the arms and legs to become inflamed and stop working, usually leading to temporary paralysis.

An estimated 1,300 people (1-2 people per 100,000) are affected by GBS annually in the UK with a further 650 people (1-2 per 200,000) being diagnosed with CIDP, which is a similar but longer-lasting condition.

About 80% of those with GBS will make a good recovery, but unfortunately between 5-10% of people will not survive and the other 10-15% may experience long term residual effects ranging from limited mobility or dexterity, to life-long dependency on a wheelchair.

GAIN is the only national organisation in the UK and Republic of Ireland dedicated to helping people affected by these conditions.

What GAIN do:

  • Help people understand and manage GBS, CIDP and the associated variants
  • Promote and facilitate both clinical and non-clinical research
  • Raise awareness of the charity and conditions

GAIN receives no government funding, relying on the generosity of the public to support our work.

We ask all supporters you show your support for the charity. Further information can be found at

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