Exec Committee Minutes (19 October 2009)

Present; A. Platten, K. Scott, I. Evans, S. Ord, G. Young, C. Baxter & A. Bowron.
Apologies; R. Harding.
Guests; I. Hertwick, A. Seghini. J. Wilkinson, M. Hunter & C. Blackett.

a) The minutes of the last meeting (05.10.09) were approved

a) There was still an amount of player’s kit outstanding with S&L. M. Hunter agreed to chase.
b) IKE reported that a reply from the FA had now been received on behalf of Paul Brayson. He will discuss with the player with the view that the next stage would be to contact the PFA.
c) ARP has conducted and produced an updated floodlight test and report. This will be sent on to Conference.
d) A copy of the Tapsters directory has been passed to a supporter who will advise on requirements for a beer festival.

a) CB has been informed that our submission of accounts could not be accepted electronically and he would complete and forward the documents by snail mail.
b) IKE confirmed that he had completed and returned the FQR2 to Conference.
c) A letter of thanks from the Bobby Robson Foundation and a certificate signed by Lady Robson has been received in relation to the donation made pre-season.
d) IKE reported that the FA would use the Ilkeston game as part of a training programme for referee’s assessors. Besides the possibility of three officials there would also be around ten referee assessors at the game. IKE/SO/CB will organise.
e) IKE confirmed that a letter of an alleged illegal approach, regarding C Turns and Spennymoor Town, has been sent to the FA.
f) IKE confirmed that correspondence confirming the date and time (31st October) has been received from the Nuffield in relation to R.Dale’s operation. He also confirmed he has replied confirming that BSFC are to be invoiced for the cost of the operation.
g) IKE had written to the secretary of Hinckley United thanking their staff (once again) for cleaning and tidying the changing rooms prior to their departure on Saturday.
h) IKE has produced a letter confirming all aspects of these seasons’ bonus schemes, which will be distributed to all players in this weeks pay packets.
i) A Bowron has received confirmation that he has obtained two new bins to be used within the POB stand area. KS was on with producing bins for the remainder of Croft Park.

a) CB reported that he has cancelled our travel arrangements to Northwich for this coming Saturday and has made Lees aware of a possible FA Cup replay taking the place of our trip to Stalybridge.
b) In answer to a question from M.Hunter it was confirmed that we were currently in the second year of a three-year agreement with Draeger regarding shirt sponsorship. After discussion it was agreed for C Baxter to contact Draeger, after Christmas, in order to secure an extension.
c) KS reported that he was still to complete the drainage from the new stand before the project can be “signed off”.
d) ARP reported that he would be at the NFA this Wednesday in order to take part in the Northumberland Senior Cup draw. Tynetec are the sponsors of the NSC.
e) After discussion it was requested that IKE would discuss with Conference the current situation regarding TV coverage, as there was still a demand from supporters to show our matches live on the website. In addition ARP will discuss with his contact at the University regarding live radio coverage of our home games.
f) It was reported that our average attendance has dropped below the budgeted 550 for the first time this season. This will be kept under review.

The next meeting will be on Monday 2nd of November at 6PM.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team