Exec Committee Minutes (15 Jun 2009)


Present; A. Platten, K. Scott, I. Evans, G.Young, S. Ord & C. Baxter.


The minutes of the last meeting (1st of June) were approved.


· With regards to training facilities IKE reported that the Blyth College have now said that they cannot accommodate us after all. IKE has spoken to NCC re-the promised support and ARP will discuss further. IKE will be looking at alternatives.
· The list of released players was sent to M Tait.
· IKE has confirmed that our first game in the Edinburgh tournament will take place on Saturday PM.
· Current pre-season fixtures as is, still awaiting decisions from NUFC, Middlesborough and Wrexham.
· IKE reported that the scheduled work on the pitch was running around three weeks late. No explanation from NCC.
· IKE reported that Rob Harding has agreed to come on board to look after the commercial aspect of both the football and social clubs. He will be at this Sunday’s charity game.
· CB reported on the quotes given by Lees travel for season 2009/10. He will obtain alternative quotes but it was agreed by all that Lees supported the club very well last season. CB to arrange for travel to Edinburgh.


· Since the last meeting IKE had completed the details for the Conference directory.
· All CV’s received from potential new signings were all sent on electronically to M Tait.
· The Conference have finally confirmed that we were not responsible for the late cancellation of our game with Redditch on the 6th of December and as we had carried out the correct procedures we are not liable to pay for the travel costs of Redditch.
· IKE has completed the fixture questionnaire. With both Harrogate and Farsley having their Christmas/New Year fixtures agreed he had contacted and agreed with Workington for our “derby” games over the period. It was felt that had we not we could have been arranged with one of the new clubs.


· ARP/KS gave a review of a number of issues raised at the Conference AGM
· The fixtures should be available in mid July. Fixtures were being compiled manually so that requests made by clubs, including avoidance of mid-week matches on nights of Champion League football, would be taken into consideration.
· The financial protocol reporting will continue with the embargos of signing players enforced for offenders. If this does not work points deduction may be considered.
· The situation with Setanta TV had been discussed. It was hoped that Setanta would continue, as the loss would affect all clubs with reduced sponsorship monies.
· All clubs were asked to inform all players that they should not be betting on any matches within any of the Blue Square divisions. IKE will ensure that all players receive a reminder on signing for the club.
· After discussion it was agreed for the AGM to be arranged for the 6th of August. CB will publish announcement in local press IKE will arrange internal advertising. IKE will check with M Tait to see if he is available for an open forum to take place immediately after the AGM.
· On the basis of the above the sponsors evening would now require a re-think, possibly involving a “meet the players” barbeque or after one of our pre-season home matches.
· IKE has reminded the supporters club that the shop should be open this Sunday.
· IKE went through the organisation for Sunday’s charity game.
· The “To Do List” was reviewed with a further two jobs added.


The next meeting will be held on Monday 29th of June at 6 PM. Mick Tait will be requested to attend.

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