Exec Committee Meeting Minutes (6 June 2011)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – 6 June 2011

Attendees: A Platten, K Scott, S Frake J Freeman, J Young, C Baxter, A Bowron and I Evans
Apologies: S Ord
Guests: S Cuggy and G Fell

1. Minutes of previous meeting accepted

2. Matters Arising.

3. Correspondence.
– Letter of thanks from D Robinson for our vote to elect him as the area FA representative
– Lees travel costs cannot be confirmed until league teams are confirmed at AGM.
– Conference League membership application forms for new season completed
– More correspondence and telephone calls with NCC Rates Office to clarify the rates situation.

4. Football
– New Manager and Assistant appointed Steve Cuggy and Gavin Fell.
– New contract and signed-on players details are published on the official website.
– Committee are very pleased with the rapid progress made by the new management team.
– First training sessions will be on 23rd June and several trialists will also attend.
– Details of the benefit match for Scott Bell are being co-ordinated.

5. Social Club
– Two recent charity matches were not very well attended.
– Next bands Maggie Ross Band June and Junco Partners booked for early December.
– Band nights for the new season will be on the first Friday of each month in an attempt to increase attendance.
– Two of the latest Club bookings for functions were poorly attended but others were extremely well attended.
– Add band night email members sign up to the Club website.
– Ventilation fans fitted to SC cellar.

6. AOB
– Volunteers for ground works to start.
– Three “crews” have been identified to start work this week.
– New floodlight control cabinet fitted to West Stand pylon.
– Pitch is being worked on by contractors
– Investigate the cost of a “food container” for match days.
– League have sent information about a “sticker book” promotion, further detail available at the AGM
– Decision about the second strip colour will be put to a fans vote.
– AGM to take place 4th August.
– PFS funding situation to be progressed.
– Letter to Drager thanking them for three years of sponsorship.
– Season tickets will go on sales at the end of this week.

Date of next meeting
– Next meeting Monday 20th June 2011

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