Exec Committee Meeting (23 November 2009)

Present: A. Platten, K. Scott, I. Evans, G. Young, A. Bowron, R. Harding, C. Baxter & S. Ord.
Guests: M. Hunter
Part: M. Tait

The first part of the meeting was a discussion with M. Tait regarding team matters. The following issues were raised and discussed.
a) M Tait went through a list of possible signings. After discussion it was agreed to follow up on two of those players with a view to either loan or permanent signings. M Tait also confirmed the signing of 17-year-old goalkeeper Sam Grieveson from Norwich City. We have also been offered a further one months loan of Rikki Bains from Darlington.
b) It was confirmed that each match in this seasons NSC will go to extra time in the first match with any replay played to a finish. M. Tait was also reminded that yellow cards received count in line with the league tallies.
c) A discussion took place regarding the FA’s report of the incident at Telford concerning A Sadler. IKE will construct a letter for Adam to see before sending on to the FA. Unfortunately IKE reported that after watching the video Adam will receive a suspension and a fine. We needed to attempt to reduce that penalty. The FA have also confirmed that they are not to take any action over other events which took place on the evening but we have been warned, as a club, with regards to our future behavior.

a) The minutes of the last meeting (09.11.09) were approved.

a) P. Brayson has now received correspondence from the FA that suggests the issue will be resolved within the next 14 days.
b) IKE was still investigating the rates bills. Several major errors seem to have been made by NCC. He has contacted and discussed but has had no reply so he will follow up with a letter.
c) IKE had the meeting with the bank and an extension of some monies on deposit has been made.
d) SO will attempt to get a solution to the outstanding invoice with Cramlington Caravans.
e) After discussion the upgrade of the kitchen facilities would be put on a “back burner”
f) KS still to arrange a date for the loft clear out.

a) A thank you letter and donation has been received from the FA in regards to the recent visit of a number of assessors.
b) Letter from Conference instructing all clubs to ensure that the same admission prices at each individual ground are the same for visiting supporters as it is for home supporters.
c) Report regarding our current club supplier sent to Conference as requested. There could be some sort of joint approach, by Conference, for an approved brewery supplier in the future.
d) IKE confirmed that on the 12th of December we have been drawn at home to the winners of the Ilkeston/Mossley tie the replay is taking place tomorrow (Tuesday) at Mossley. KS confirmed that the next fixture poster will be produced once our opponents are known.

a) KS reported that a further incident of vandalism, within the social club had been reported to him. Sometime on Match day on Saturday someone had completely smashed one of the gent’s toilets in half. There have been several incidents over recent months and repairs were now in access of £2,000. A separate note will be produced for the website asking supporters to report any instances they may witness.
b) KS confirmed that the drainage to the new stand will be completed this coming weekend.
c) A meeting will be arranged with Carlsberg in order to discuss our trading position with them.
d) IKE presented a promotional ticket for the second half oft he season which will be used via the P.F.S. centre in local schools in order to attract additional support. This will take the place of the clubs regular distribution of promotional tickets made to the same schools.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 7th December @ 6 PM.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team