Exec Committee Meeting (19 Apr 2010)


Present: K Scott, I Evans, C Baxter, G Young, A Bowron, J Freeman & S Frake
Apologies; A Platten, S Ord
Guest: J Young

a) The minutes of the last meeting (29.03.10) were approved.

a) IKE has passed on to SF copies of additional e-mails etc. A meeting will be held en route to Gainsborough this Saturday.
b) CB had nothing to report regarding on-going discussions with Draeger.
c) IKE reported on the latest exchange of e-mails with Hamrun Spartans of Malta. After discussion it was agreed that there were very few areas of “common ground” mainly due to he fact that the Maltese Club were full time professionals playing in the Maltese Premier League. He will contact the club in order to explain our position.
d) IKE updated those present with regards to pre-season. A firm date has been agreed with the visit of East Stirling to Croft Park whilst dates were being organised for visits by both Sunderland and Berwick (Northumberland County Council Unification Cup)

a) JF reported that a business acquaintance of hers will be visiting us soon to look and advise the committee on the re-organisation of the Social Club.
b) IKE confirmed that he has sent a letter to the Conference (as requested of all clubs) confirming that the HMRC can disclose information to the Conference regarding PAYE/NIC and VAT payments etc.
c) Details of the FA’s AGM (19.05.10) were disclosed anyone wishing to attend from the committee should ask for further details from IKE
d) IKE has requested the two comp tickets for the FA Trophy final. CB will ask R Smith at Draeger if he wishes to attend.
e) The allocation of cup final tickets have been taken up by (M Stephenson and I Burt)
f) IKE will arrange a meeting with B. Elliott for sometime during the summer.
g) IKE has received a report from the FA regarding a breach of misconduct by MT during the home fixture with Gloucester. IKE will discuss with MT this Wednesday.
h) IKE reported that we had been successful in obtaining a donation of £2000.00 for the Blyth Valley Disabled Forum from the FA Community Shield Fund. We were asked for nominations due to our success in reaching the first round proper last season. GY will arrange a date for the presentation along with P Castiaux. IKE will inform the FA the details of the PR.

a) IKE will again request volunteers for next season in particular for the selling of the “Golden Goals”.
b) Executives were asked to forward items for the summer “to do list” to IKE.
c) IKE ran through the awards for presentation evening and said he needed to know all winners by Wednesday. Execs were asked for nominees for the Tom Hedley award and for any staff awards.
d) IKE ran through the details for the Sportsman’s Dinner. He required raffle prizes and after discussion it was agreed to run again the “boys toys” items of electrical goods etc. All execs were asked to contribute an item.
e) CB raised the issue regarding travel costs for next season. After discussion it was agreed to raise travel to £20 per trip.
f) IKE updated those present with the current disciplinary records.

Monday 10th of May @ 6 PM.

Posted by BSAFC Media Team