Exec Committee Meeting (11 Oct 2010)


Present: A Bowron, J Freeman & S Frake, A Platten, S Ord, K Scott, J Young, C Baxter

1. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. MATTERS ARISING. a) The Kingsway advertising boards had been erected.
b) Gainsborough match had been rearranged.

a) Letter from a supporter in Kent commenting on the current budget issues and performance had been answered.
b) The Clubs FA Charter status had been suspended because of a minor documentation issue, the status will be re-established before the end of the month.
c) Official training for the junior managers will be instigated via the NFA.

a) Cost reductions for waste collection and utility bills are being investigated.
b) An advert for the Social Club and Football Club is being placed in the new Blyth Valley Local Links magazine November issue.
c) There are still places available at the Christmas Dinner, small firms in the area should consider this as a cost competitive option.
d) The introduction of band nights and comedy nights is once again being considered.
e) The Club will not be open of Christmas day and there is a match on Boxing day (1pm kick off) with live Newcastle game following. Opening times for New Years day are being considered.
f) Halloween and Valentines parties have been booked in the Club
g) The council are to be approached about litter and dog fowling in the Club car park.

a) Several committee members were approached by supporters at the Gainsborough match and complimented on the rapid reaction in changing the playing budget to ensure the clubs solvency.
b) Two supporters who won the Whiskey draw in the Club and the Golden Goal competition gave their prizes back to the Club. The committee would like to thank them for their commitment.
c) HMS Blyth will be visiting Blyth for a weekend in November a Charity match will be arrange for the crew.
d) The growth of weeds in the football ground is starting to have a detrimental effect on concrete. The council are to be asked to address the issue
e)Companies House annual return has been completed by CB.
f) A return to the flat rate VAT scheme will be investigated.

7 NEXT MEETING. 18th October @ 6.00pm.

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