Away Travel for Supporters – Season 2009/2010

The success of the TWO buses to the last game of the season (v Burscough) has shown that there is a growing interest in watching the Spartans play their away games.

As a result the Supporters Club will look to run more buses next season to afford SpartansFans the opportunity to cheer the lads on. Should you be interested in travelling with us (even if it would only be to 1 or 2 games a season), please send us an email with your name and mobile number and we will form a database of potential travellers, we can then send a mailshot to everyone when a bus is organised.

Whilst it is highly unlikely that we will run a bus to every away game, we will endeavour to run them as often as the demand is there.

(Please note that the information sent to us regarding away travel will not be used for any other purpose)

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