image4.jpgSpartans’ midfielder Stephen Turnbull talked to the press recently about this season’s FA Cup run being ‘written in the stars’.

Well, mysterious forces are certainly at work as Halloween approaches.

How else can you explain the following…..?

Blyth’s ball number in tomorrow’s draw for the first round proper of the Cup is 58.

Manager Tom Wade was born in 1958.

Following the magical 4-3 victory over Leek Town on Saturday Wade said: “I doubt if we will get a home tie. We always seem to be drawn away. But if we do have to travel I’d like Coventry in front of a big crowd.”

All right, nothing too eerie about Coventry per se…..but, if you add up their current win, draw and loss figures home and away this season it amounts to…….you guessed it……a very spooky 58 !

So, it is written. No doubt. Coventry away in the next round.

The devilishly hard to beat Blyth ghoul-keeper Peter Jeffries, star of the spine – chilling win over Leek Town at the weekend, will be expecting another hair raising afternoon against the high flying Sky Blues.

Ha-woooOOOwoooOOO Blyth!

Posted by BSAFC Media Team